Why Choose My Insurance Broker?

Why Choose My Insurance Broker?

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      We offer affordability by bringing you insurance products from all of Canada's leading insurers. We strive to provide the best insurance options at competitive rates, creating policy value.

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      You don't have to compromise between great coverage or price. With multiple coverage options we deliver peace of mind through our professional advice tailored to your needs.

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Ontario to Regulate Tow Truck Operators

April 16, 2014 - The sitting provincial government has proposed new measures to protect consumers from dishonest tow truck operators and related storage providers.


New legislation proposed by the Ontario Liberal government would force these tow truck operators to receive advanced permission for all towing and related storage services, clearly display their posted rates, and to provide itemized listing of all charges on their tow invoicing. 


Spring Cleaning Tips

April 10, 2014 - It seems that Spring weather may have finally arrived in Southern Ontario after one of the coldest winters in recent memory. The rising temperatures bring the melting of snow, ice, and it leaves our lawns and streets covered in dirt, sand, leaves, salt and other debris. We have combined a few spring cleaning  tips that may serve as a reminder to clean up or even help prevent a claim on your property.



Distracted Drivers a Factor in 8 of 10 Car Crashes

March 18, 2014 - The Ontario government has recently proposed changes to hike penalities for distracted drivers who would now face an imposed 3 demerit points in addition to a maximum fine of $1,000. These proposed penalities are the latest preventative measure to combat distracted driving and make Ontario roads safer.


Distracted drivers and dangerous drivers. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has compiled some statistics on distracted driving:


Find Us at The National Home Show

March 11, 2014 - The National Home Show is fast approaching and My Insurance Broker is excited to be an exhibitor at this year's event. Come check out our booth and meet some of our friendly brokers and find out how you can save on your home insurance. Don't forget, we also insure home renovators, contractors, and skilled workers so drop by and we can tailor a commercial insurance solution to your needs. 


Insurance Tips for Home Buyers

In the current Ontario real estate market sometimes insurance is only an afterthought when bidding on a home. Competition has meant it is now common for homebuyers to waive closing conditions and in some cases inspections. We believe you should carefully select your home by examining all of its updates for safety and insurability.


What is a 'Floater' or 'Scheduled Item'?

Did you know most standard Homeowners Insurance policies have limited amounts of coverage for jewelry, furs, watches, and other special items?


In fact, most standard Homeowners policies often limit the amount payable in the time of a claim for these special items. We encourage you to review these special limits and take the time to ensure you have appropriate coverage before it's too late. 


Review Your Auto Insurance Discounts

My Insurance Broker is committed to finding our clients the best value. Discounts are available from most Ontario auto insurance carriers, although they vary by company. Ask your representative from My Insurance Broker which discounts apply to you. 


The following are a list of the common discounts available to your auto policy.


Winter Driving Tips

Winter weather has finally arrived and it's time to prepare for the snow. In Ontario, snow tires are not required by law like they are in other provinces. However, this doesn't mean most drivers shouldn't consider adding them to their vehicles.